End Diabetes Now!!!

Do you have any of the symptoms?

Early Symptoms of Diabetes

1. Increased thirst

2. Frequent urination at night 

3. Slow wound healing

4. Fatigue/ Weakness

5. Blurred vision

6. Unexplained weight loss 

7. Have more infections than usual           

8. Extreme hunger

Discover a natural way to support your well-being with our Anti-Diabetes Tea.

Carefully crafted with a blend of herbs known for their potential benefits in managing blood sugar levels, this tea offers a soothing and delicious option for those seeking remedy to their diabetic condition.

Diabetic foot

Embrace a daily ritual that not only pleases your taste buds but also contributes to your overall wellness journey.

Medically Tested Ok

Importance of Anti-Diabetes Tea

1. Blood Sugar Regulation

2. Fast wound healing 

3. Antioxidant Properties

4. Heart Health

5. Reduces Inflammation

6. Hydration

7. Improve Digestion 

8. Healthy functioning of the body immune system.

This product contains

✅ 20 tea bags per pack

To be taken twice daily

(Morning and night) after meal.

1 pack is ₦13,000

2 pack is ₦23,000

3 pack is ₦33,000

4 pack is ₦42,000

5 pack is ₦49,000

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