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Hilda Baci now an Ambassador to GBfoods

Hilda Baci now an Ambassador to GBfoods

Hilda Baci Ambassador to GBfoods 

GBfoods, a leading culinary and global manufacturing company has unveiled Guinness World Record holder, Hilda Baci as brand Ambassador for two of its fagship brands, Gino and Bama Mayonnaise. The announcement made at the company’s corporate ofce in Lagos signifes a new era of culinary excellence with Hilda Baci at the forefront of celebrating local favors covering a portfolio of Gino and Bama sub brands.

This move will see Hilda Baci take consumers through her journey of preparing well favored meals and connecting with communities reflecting on the role of GBfoods in the celebration of culture, tradition, and the shared experience of food.

Speaking at the ambassadorial unveiling, General Manager GBfoods, Vincent Egbe reiterated the company’s dedication to appealing to local growth and the choice for Hilda Baci.

“GBfoods is excited to welcome Hilda Baci into the Gino and Bama family. This collaboration is a tribute to our unwavering faith in the people of Nigeria, particularly the young individuals who are not only emerging as Africa’s rising stars but are on their way to becoming true global giants. It’s a celebration of their extraordinary achievements and a continued commitment to the pursuit of excellence and dedicated service.

Hilda’s remarkable journey, characterized by her unwavering determination, particularly during the Guinness World Record accomplishment, resonates deeply with our company’s purpose. It mirrors the essence of our brand, which is our steadfast commitment to consistently provide unparalleled culinary experiences and bring joy to millions of households across Nigeria.”

Gino boasts an impressive array of products catering to varied palates, including Gino Max seasoning cubes, Gino tomato mix, party jollof mix, curry & thyme[herbs and spices], pepper and onions. The brand consistently reinforces its loyalty by infusing local favors in every dish.

Hilda Baci achieved global recognition when she made the feat of the world longest cooking Marathon earlier in the year. With this collaboration, GBfoods aims to strengthen its commitment to local favors, and inspire culinary creativity driving a legacy that celebrates excellence, and the unrelenting pursuit of dreams.

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