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Expect Explosion in Enugu

Expect Explosion in Enugu


The Ministry of Information and Communication Enugu State in collaboration with the Ministry of works wishes to notify the general public especially those who reside around the failed bridge area that the Commander Explosive Ordinance Disposal (EOD) the anti-Bomb units of the police, the Zonal Mines Officer and the DSS personnel in charge of explosive unit shall carry out a loud explosion on Monday 27th November 2023 at the failed bridge along Enugu PH express way. The expected explosion is an action towards the restoration of the failed bridge. This announcement is therefore to avoid creating panic on the part of citizens around the area and indeed Ndi Enugu in entirety. The Charging will start by 10am Monday and blasting will take place by 5pm the same Monday 27th November, 2023.


This announcement was signed by

Aka Eze Aka… Hon. Commissioner for Information and Communication Enugu State and Engr Gerald Otiji Hon. Commissioner for Works

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