My School days Adventure

My School days



I was sweating seriously. I had never met a virgin before. This was my first experience. I was at a loss as to what to do.

“You think we should stop and continue another day?” I asked her.

“No, let’s continue. I will persevere.” She declined.

“But you are in pains, don’t you see?” I tried to reason with her.

“No, let’s continue, please.” She insisted.

I pulled away from her nevertheless. She was disappointed. I got down from the bed and started putting on my clothes. I was completely drenched in sweat and so she was .

The bed too was drenched. I was smart though. I had removed the bed sheet. Then I turned the mattress to the other side and put the bed sheet back.

The other side of the bed sheet wasn’t wet. By now, she had finished dressing up. I told her we should leave but she hesitated.

“You are not even ashamed. A small girl is more than you.” She mocked.

“Don’t say that. There will be another day. I just don’t want to see you in pains.” I explained to her.

“Pains you say? You have just postponed the pains for another day.” She was  annoyed.

“You have to understand that this is someone’s house and we are here without his consent. Soon sports time will be over and he will come home.

Let’s leave immediately. I promise next time it will be different.” I lectured.

She finally reasoned with me and we left. I put the young man’s key back under the door mat and we left in two different directions.

The next day in school, she was shy to talk to me and avoided me all day. She actually avoided me for a whole month.

Then one day, she told her younger sister to tell me that I should come and see her in her neighbourhood after school, at night. I promised I would.

In those days, there was no mobile telephone network in the village.

Going to see a girl who lives with her aunt at night had to normally be an arduous task. However, I was experienced in these things.

I got to their compound at 7:00 PM. There was complete darkness. There was no electricity in the village.

People only use generators and very few people actually could afford generator sets.

I had a small torch with me; the type that came as a gas lighter. It was therefore not difficult for me to move in the dark.

I was hoping she would be waiting for me behind the house. But I went there and didn’t see her. So I had just one option left.

I collected some stones and threw them on her zinc. Then Immediately I heard a shout from their landlord.

“I know I have female children. Please you people should not destroy my roof. Anybody whose boyfriend is outside should go and meet him.”

I almost laughed. Thirty seconds later, Efu, as I had started calling her, appeared behind the house with her younger sister. Her aunt obviously wasn’t home.

We went out of the compound to a nursery school that was close to their house.

The doors were locked but one of the windows wasn’t. We climbed through the opened window and got into one of the classes. Her younger sister stayed outside to keep watch.

We were inside now and things started happening fast.

I had a condom with me. It was risky taking an inexperienced girl, especially one who was still a virgin.

She could get pregnant during the first time. So I had come prepared.

On the bare cold floor, her virginity was taken by yours truly.

I can’t describe the details here. It wasn’t easy but she was determined to be become a full woman that day and she persevered.

An hour and a half later, her tears wiped, her body cleaned and begging and apologizing done, we left.

That was how we got into a full time relationship. We saw each other almost on a daily basis.

She was such a nice lady, always bringing me gifts and checking on me almost every day.

Everything about her changed. Her style of dressing, her gait, the way she talked; everything.

She had become stubborn at home and had been driven away. She now lived with a friend called Claudia. They shared a single room and jointly paid the rents.

It was soon close to the end of the academic year. We had been together for about five months and almost everyone in school was aware of our relationship.

Not everyone took it kindly. Some students were very disappointed at me.

They had expected me to have a girl in my class or any other senior class, not a first year student.

However, I was in love and wasn’t going to let anyone talk me out of being with the person I love.

I wasn’t the only prefect who had a girl in the junior secondary. My friend Serge too did.

The principal soon got wind of our “Hollywood” activities, especially as we all performed very poorly in the exams that term.

He decided that he was going to sack all of us as prefects.

Next day, we were all assembled in at the school grounds.

The principal came there and told the entire school that we had all been sacked with immediate effect because of carrying out Hollywood activities in class.

He said he had gotten rumours of girls sitting on our laps in class during break time and other things he was not going to say.

I didn’t bother about anything. I had my love, Efu to worry about. Our relationship continued full swing and now we were inseparable.

Since she was a virgin and I was absolutely sure she was faithful to me, sometimes I went with her unprotected.

It was risky but I took the risks anyway.

One day she met me in school and told me that there was something urgent she wanted to talk to me about.

After school, I went to her house.

“I haven’t seen my menses this month.” She began.

I felt a sick feeling in my stomach immediately.

“When were you expecting it?” I asked.

“Two weeks ago, still no sign.” She said.

“So what does that suggest?” I asked, afraid of her response though I already knew what was coming.

“I am pregnant.”


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