The Banana Boy

The Banana Boy


Moral Story Of The Day.

A frail old man stopped a young boy carrying a bunch of bananas, and said to him.

“Can I get some bananas for free? I’m really tired and hungry”

The young boy dropped his bunch of bananas, pulled three off it and offered them to the old man.

But the man frowned his face, as if they were some pieces of crap.

“Oh, no! They aren’t ripe!” he grumbled. “How I’m I supposed to eat these?”

The boy was taken aback by the old man’s attitude, but said humbly.

“I’m so sorry sir… Uhm, I’ve got some ripe bananas at home. Why not wait here while I get you some?”

“Hurry up then” the old man said.

The young boy carried his banana bunch and dashed off. He returned shortly with three big ripe bananas. He smiled as he handed them to the old man.

But the ungrateful old man had a look of discontent flashing across his face. He wasn’t impressed at all.

“Good grief! Why would you bring me over ripped bananas…? Boy, you should know I’m an old man and these will upset my stomach”

The boy became confused and worried about the nagging old man. He said.

“I feel sorry that I’m unable to please you sir. But what else would I do?”

“Just bring back the unripe bananas. I’ll have to keep them until tomorrow. Hurry up, my legs are hurting” he croaked.

In the hope of pleasing him, the young boy left in a hurry. He came back in few minutes with the first bananas. But the old man became angry.

“You really are a slow kid! I’ve lost my cravings already and I no longer need bananas. Just go with your bananas!”

The boy shuddered. But he was surprised at what the old man did next. His wrinkled face broke into a smile, then he tapped the boy’s shoulder and said calmly.

“Boy, the most valuable lessons in life cannot be taught, they must be experienced.

You should know that all the bananas you presented to me were perfect but my ungrateful attitude was an act I put on to teach you a valuable lesson of life, something I learnt too late.

In life, people are like that and they will make you feel like you’re not good enough.

It is important to know that you can not please everyone no matter how hard you try, and it can run havoc in your life, rob your peace of mind and the courage to follow your goals and dreams.

Even if you lie on the ground for people to walk on you, they still will complain that you aren’t flat enough. So, don’t live your life to please anyone. Be yourself and do what you know is right”


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